There is always a reason behind being competitive

"Pursue excellence and success will chase you, pants down." - Ranchodas Shamaldas Chancahd [3 IDIOTS]

U.S. Army Reserve Command Best Warrior Competition’s night-fire qualification

To be honest a lot of people told me that I’m being competitive on so many things. I’m being competitive on academics and to others as well. I can not say that they are wrong, either way it is partially true. Why? Well maybe because I do things with the highest level of excellence that I can give. Some say that I sometimes can not accept other people being on top of me. Again that is partially true. So what is the real deal then, allow me to explain myself further. I am an artist, I love music and playing the guitar, and also I am a digital artist, I love multimedia, the print media and the video media. I love to make digital arts and 3d arts. The love for multimedia allowed me to explore beyond my boundaries and my capacity to design and make digital arts. That is how I defined being excellent in the work that I do. Exposing every possibility that there is in order to gain what is beyond my own comprehension. So maybe the reason why others thought that I can not accept other people being on top of me is because I have the passion for multimedia. I always challenge those who consult me and have my opinion on their design. I always tell them to expose beyond the possibilities in order to achieve a greater level of beauty.

Yes, I’m being competitive about multimedia. But there is always something that is beyond being competitive, it is going beyond the border of what I can do, and to achieve greater level of excellence.

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We are not seen through our actions, but we are felt through our intercessions.”

Too often the way we do things dictates what those people around expects from us, we become an exhibitionist by our actions to the extent that everything is all for a show. We do good deeds because we want to make an impression that we are caring. In my own point of view, this would rather be an actor/actress, one who portraits a certain character. But the only difference is that we are not on a movie scene were we get to play a certain role and be another character that is totally different from our personality. This is present, this is reality, there’s no script or camera lens that would capture every actions we take, and there are no crews that would yell “cut” when a scene has just finished or dictate how we should do, everything is in real-time. It’s true that others can see our actions and they can judge us by what they’ve seen. But what’s more amusing to see is that if we try to be on a low profile and just do things in a minimal way and try not to brag about the things we’ve done, people will eventually be mysterious about us. They will start to ask questions about what’s on our mind, what are we thinking, and what our purpose in mind is. The end result, people will start to realize that we really do exist not just by actions but also by being on their side. They will start to feel that we are compassionate for them, fewer actions but more purpose. But it would be more of a fun if we really have to be somebody’s heart, if we feel for them, if we have compassionate for them, and if we have to be by their side and be equal with them.

“No matter how busy we are, we should always make time to be alone with God as Jesus showed us, physically or through contemplative praying even while with others.”

In a busy world we’re living right now, making time for a small activity is even hard enough because we are too much cramped up with more important duties. We wake up in the morning thinking of the things we will do for the day, we leave the house trying to fix our schedule, and we go to sleep worrying for the next day’s activity. This is the cycle of our life, we are too focused on accomplishing our social responsibility. There is nothing wrong with it anyway, but we forgot that there is another responsibility that we must accomplish, our spiritual responsibility. We forgot to pray, to thank the one who gave us everything, and to have a little conversation with Him. Everyone is busy, everybody has their own business, but each and every one of us has this common duty to fulfill, which is to talk to the Almighty every single day. So, no matter how busy we are, we must always be reminded to be still and acknowledge the presence of the one who gave up everything. What is a couple of minutes in a 24 hours to make a humble sacrifice to stop everything we’re doing and just pray.

Be a better person

A young student approached the famous French scientist and philosopher, Blaise Pascal, and declared, “If I had your brains, I would be a better person.

Pondering the depth of that statement, Pascal paused momentarily before replying, "Be a better person, and you will have my brains."

-Author Unknown